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The Kelly Australia and New Zealand Salary Guide provides salary range information on a wide range of roles across a wide range of locations across Australia and New Zealand. Download the Salary Guide here

 Employee engagement and retention

With over 55% of the New Zealand workforce looking for a new role and half of them not being satisfied with their new position, read how to engage and retain your talent. Read the full whitepaper.


As skills shortages become more prevalent, particularly in IT and engineering, fewer than half of New Zealand employees are happy with the training they get at work, according to the latest findings from the Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI).  Read the full whitepaper


With up to 30% of employees disengaged from their work, and productivity suffering because of it, improving employee engagement is one of the most compelling tasks of modern business management. Read the full whitepaper.

Attracting and Retaining the Best Talent

New Zealand employers are facing a struggle to keep top staff, as they balance conservative hiring intentions and lacklustre growth, with an increasingly restless employee population according to the latest survey results from global workforce solutions leader, Kelly Services®.

Cloud Computing: Making the Right Connections

With cost savings and a yet unmeasured potential, the future of cloud computing is rife with promise and possibilities. This whitepaper explains the core concepts of what cloud computing is about and explores how you can exploit this rapidly evolving technology.

Attraction and Retention of Talent 

The Kelly survey shows that New Zealand’s largest businesses are offering a variety of benefits and rewards, not just salary, to help retain talented staff, including providing changes in working conditions to meet demands for a greater work/life balance from an aging working population.

The Employment Network: social media as a recruitment tool 

While over of a quarter of Kiwis go online to hunt for work, many are increasingly concerned about the material they have posted on social networking sites and the impact it could have on their career, according to the latest survey results from global workforce solutions leader, Kelly Services®. 

Your Brand Matters to Talent - A Guide to Employment Branding

A positive employer brand can help differentiate your company from others while creating an attractive identity that job seekers can align with their own values and ideals

Optimising Your Professional & Technical Workforce

There is currently a shortage of qualified professional and technical talent in the workforce. As a result of fierce global competition for skills, technological innovation and a steady decline in barriers to immigration, organisations and employers are facing more intense competition to find the best candidates. 

Are CEOs Expected to be Magicians

This whitepaper explores the array of demands confronting contemporary CEOs and looks at how well they are handling them, while also examining the way in which important business decisions are being impacted by sustained pressure for rapid results.