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Candidate webinar series - The Perfect Job Search: 5 Must Know Secrets, 28th April 2011

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Guide to Temporary Work
Whether you are returning to work, student wanting to keep life casual or if you are just keen to try temping as a career option... we answer your questions. 

How to Manage Stress
Tips and pointers on understanding some of the key situations which can cause stress, how to recognise the symptoms, and how to try and cope with it.

Returning to Work
When is the right time to return to the workplace after a break, and how do you go about it? 

Effective Phone Communication
Refine and enhance your communication skills by identifying some of the main common issues people face and some pointers on how to prevent them.

Beating the Age Barrier
Kelly Services has put together different ways to fight the perception that age is a factor in getting employment...

Effective Time Management
Using time efficiently and effectively is a key factor in success for both work and in your personal life.  Develop techniques and strategies to manage your work life which in turn will flow throughout your all facets of your life...

Job Interview Tips
Does the thought of a job interview make you feel ill?  Breeze through any interview with these tips on how to shine - all it takes is some careful preparation!

How to Write a CV
Stand out from the crowd with these tips on preparing a well presented, relevant and easy to follow CV which is sure to get the attention of any potential employer.

Create a Career Plan 
Are you doing everything you can to ensure your career is progressing at the speed and direction you want it to? Know yourself, your goals and create your own career plan to keep that ball rolling.

The Changing Face of the Workplace
Being receptive to change and adapting to the ever altering workplace is essential in todays times.  In this shifting world of work your current job can be considered as one route to gaining skills and knowledge in preparation for the next one.