Why Register with Kelly?

We help you find the right job

With branches worldwide - including over 13 operations throughout New Zealand - our high profile attracts a constant stream of quality jobs from local, national and international companies. From the moment you walk through the door, our friendly consultants are dedicated to matching your skills and personality to the right job.

We have highly trained consultants

Our highly trained consultants are skilled at interviewing - not just in assessing your potential, but your likes, dislikes and work preferences. They will also actively promote you - talking to clients to see if they have any suitable positions.

Job search on the Kelly Career Network!

You can search for a job instantly through our website, just by clicking on 'find a job'. Featuring temporary, permanent, contract and part-time vacancies throughout New Zealand, the site is constantly updated ... and you can apply at the touch of a button!

Excellent rates of pay...superb benefits

If you are a temporary, you will be paid an hourly rate based on the skills required for your current assignment. Your pay is paid directly into your bank account. (As one of the world's largest recruitment organisations, you won't have to worry about getting paid!)

FREE Skills Training

Whether you are new to technology, or want to update your skills, our easy-to-use PinPointâ„¢ computer training system helps you learn the very latest Windows software - so you can fulfil your career potential!

We believe in rewarding the best

Every month, we recognise a temporary's outstanding performance through the Kelly Stars Programme!
And there's plenty of fun, too...

Working with Kelly isn't just financially rewarding, it's also a lot of fun, thanks to our regular get-togethers and special events.
So many great reasons to utilise our free employment services!

Contact one of our branches now to register for employment or phone us on 0800 4 KELLY (0800 453 559)