Testing Services

Applicant testing and evaluation is becoming  an increasingly important part of the recruitment process, ensuring the talent you employ can meet the demands of their role within your business.

Put your talent to the test

Kelly’s range of testing services focuses exclusively on evaluation and training services – designed to help you determine which professionals will be the best fit for your business.

Offering testing and training options ranging from computer competency to behavioural and personality evaluation, Kelly’s experienced testing experts can help you select the best tools to suit your business.

Kelly – specialists in  Testing Services

Expert evaluation at your fingertips

From interactive skills testing to psychometric  testing and practical ‘Prove-it!’ testing, Kelly’s testing services offers a broad range of expertly designed evaluation and training options, including:
• PinPoint for Microsoft Windows and Office software
• Windows
• Internet Explorer
• Keyboard skills
• Correspondence test
• Word adapt
• Envision psychometric testing suite and Profiling Wizard tool
• 15FQ+ personality test
• IRT2 reasoning test
• Prove-It! Testing modules
• Call centre environment assessment
• Listening skills assessment

The results you need

Kelly’s range of testing services specialises  exclusively in evaluating talent. Utilising their  expertly developed services during the recruitment process can make an invaluable difference in  selecting the right professionals to meet your  unique requirements.