Exceptional and experienced sales professionals  are the driving force behind New Zealand business.

Working for you

Kelly offers a dedicated service to help you identify professionals who are driven and passionate about meeting the demands of your market.

By joining forces with Kelly, we can work with you to develop an understanding of your business, products,  services, existing and potential customers to ensure you select the right individual with the professional  skills you need to reach – and exceed – your targets.

Achieving your goals 

Kelly helps you select the best, most experienced talent for your business requirements across a full spectrum of sales-specific fields, including:
• Banking
• Business services
• FMCG• Insurance
• Manufacturing
• Pharmaceutical
• Retail/Consumer suppliers
• Telecommunications
• Agri-business

Driving profitability

Kelly brings you a new Zealand-wide network of sales professionals across a broad range of disciplines, with proven experience and the motivation to succeed.

We are dedicated to working with you to find the talent best suited to your business environment, stage-of-growth, and market conditions – and ultimately driving the profitability of your business.