Marketing and Communications

Few industries require a greater focus on innovation,  creativity and technical ability than the marketing and communications sector.

Working for you

Our Kelly marketing and communications consultants understand the importance of managing  the way your brand and business is portrayed to your customers, stakeholders and the general public. 

Through a comprehensive recruitment process, Kelly will help you identify talent with the skills to play an  integral role in your high performance team and deliver results in a continually changing global market.

Kelly – specialists in Marketing and Communications

Promoting your business

Kelly’s dedicated marketing and communications consultants focus exclusively on the marketing and corporate communications disciplines, specialising in matching proven ability, creativity and technical skills with the requirements of your business and projects.

This approach enables Kelly consultants to assist businesses across a diverse range of industries, including:
• Banking
• Business services
• Government (local/central)
• Health services
• Insurance
• Manufacturing
• Pharmaceutical
• Retail/Consumer suppliers
• Telecommunications
•  Agri-business

Reach your target market

Kelly will work alongside you to understand your  specific demands, and evaluate our talented pool  of professionals to ensure we can deliver the  best results for you.

We recognise the importance of communicating  with your target market in just the right way, and can assist you in building a better future by drawing on the skills of professionals with a truly customer-focused philosophy.