Industrial and Trades

To draw together a productive, dedicated team  in the industrial marketplace requires a proven  team with proven methods.

Working for you

Kelly provides a specialist industrial service, focused on selecting skilled and experienced  staff to meet the unique demands and requirements of the industrial environment. 

With a proven track record, our team is expert in placing competent, reliable, hard-working employees within the industrial sector, including manufacturing, distribution and logistics, with the particular skills and experience you demand. We also ensure candidates adhere to high standards of health and safety.Kelly Consultants to provide  the best employees possible to ensure a consistently positive customer service experience.

Kelly – specialists in Industrial and Trades recruitment

Optimising your productivity

Through proven recruitment, evaluation, orientation and retention programmes, our dedicated Kelly industrial consultants can work with you to establish  a skilled team, with less turnover and higher productivity.

By taking the time to understand each individual business up-front, we have a strong history of  successful placements across the spectrum  of industrial environments, including:
• Distribution
• Exporting/Importing
• Manufacturing
• Mechanical servicing
• Transport/Logistics
• Warehousing

Reliable, consistent service

By working with you to develop a clear understanding  of your business, Kelly is able to tailor proven recruitment methods to meet your staffing needs – and to respond much faster when the results count.

With a dedicated team of professional industrial consultants, we can consistently deliver the best employees possible to keep your business operating at peak capacity.
We can also supplement your staff during peak workloads, throughout vacation season and across all shifts.We take our work and reputation seriously – with proven results.

Kelly Services was the first staffing company to be quality accredited (ISO 9002 – Model for quality assurance in production, installation, and servicing) in Australia and New Zealand.